Amino Acids by HPLC




Amino acids in physiological fluids are mostly derived from the metabolism of body proteins. The concentrations of individual amino acids in plasma and urine are relatively stable. Enzyme deficiencies in biochemical pathways can lead to an accumulation of specific amino acids, enabling recognition and diagnosis of several metabolic diseases. Primary amino acids were derivatized with o-phthalaldehyde 3-mercaptopropionic acid (OPA) and detected by a diode array detector.


Amino Acids by HPLC is a kit for the quantitative determination of the amino acids in serum.


Technical Specifications:


Principle:                                     Gradient HPLC (Reversed Phase)


Duration of chromatography:      30 minutes


Sample volume:                          0,2 mL serum


Flow rate:                                    0.5 mL/min


Detection:                                    338 nm





Linearity:                                     5000 µmol/L


Detection Limit:                           0,1 µmol/L


Recovery:                                   90-99%


CV% intra batch:                        4.3-4,9%


CV% inter batch:                        4.4-5.1%