Hydroxyproline is an amino acid produced by hydroxylation of proline during the process of collagen biosynthesis. Increased level in urine may indicate increased turnover of bone matrix, often caused by osteoporosis chronic uremia  and prostatic carcinoma, acromegaly, acute osteomyelitis, burns, congenital hyperphosphatasia, fibrous dysplasia, healing fractures, hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Marfan syndrome, osteomalacia, Paget's disease of bone, parathyroid adenoma, rickets. Decreased levels of Hydroxyproline are generally due to malnutrition. Measurement of hydroxyproline allows early diagnosis and control of progression of bone metastases of malignant diseases, as well as control of progression or therapy of osteoporosis, acromegaly, rheumatoid arthritis, or Morbus Paget, and diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism.


Hydroxyproline by HPLC is a kit  for the quantitative determination of hydroxyproline in urine.



Technical specification:



Principles:                                       Isocratic HPLC  (Reversed Phase)


Duration of chromatography:          15 minutes


Sample volume and type:               1 mL urine


Flow rate:                                        0,8  mL/min


Detection:                                        UV- Vis 471 nm








Linearity:                                     up to 500 mg/L


Detection limit:                            0,01 mg/L


Recovery:                                   95-98%


CV% intra:                                  3.7%


CV% inter:                                  5.3%