CDT (carbohydrate deficient transferrin) is the most specific parameter for chronic alcohol abuse. Transferrin is a serum protein with two N-linked polysaccharide chains, these polysaccharide chains are branched with sialic acid residues.  The most common form is tetrasialotransferrin, with four sialic acid chains. In persons who consume significant quantities of alcohol (60 g of Ethanol a day for two weeks or more), the proportion of transferrin with zero, one, or two sialic acid chains is increased. These are referred to as carbohydrate-deficient transferrins. These carbohydrate-deficient transferrins can be measured in the bloodstream, and are an important marker for alcohol abuse.



CDT by HPLC is an HPLC test with UV detection that allow the assay of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin on human serum sample.



Technical Specifications:                                                            



Principle:                                Gradient HPLC  (RP)


Duration of chromatography:  9 minutes


Sample volume :                    0,2 mL serum


Flow rate:                               1.5 mL/min


Detection:                               UV 460 nm




Linearity:                 up to  50 mg/L


Detection Limit:       0,5 % Di sialotransferrin


CV% intra batch:     2,4% (3.3% disialo)


CV% inter batch:     3.2% (3.3% disialo)