25(OH) D3 by HPLC




Vitamin D complex is a group of five vitamins: D1, D2, D3, D4 e D5. The most important are Vit  D2 (vegetable source) and Vit D3 (animal source. Vit D is an essential bio-regulator of calcium metabolism and thus significant for bone mineralization. The vitamin D introduced trought diet or obtained from solar exposure is in a form not biologically active and must undergo hydroxylation reaction to be transformed into the biologically active form, 25-OH Vit D. Vitamin D deficiency is a recognized cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism, increased bone turnover and bone loss (ostepenia) in elderly people. Therefore, Vitamin D testing is essential in the management of patients with various disorders of calcium metabolism. The HPLC method allows for precise monitoring of response, useful for daily routine analysis to therapy in patients. The Vitamin D3/D2 by HPLC is a kit for the determination of circulating 25-OH Vitamin D3 levels.




Technical Specifications:                                                               


Principle:                                 Isocratic HPLC (Reversed Phase)


Flow rate:                                0.6 mL/min


Duration of chromatography:    15 minutes


Detection:                               UV 264 nm


Sample volumeand type:          200  µL of serum or plasma









Linearity:                              up to  500 mg/L


Detection Limit:                    0,5 mg/L


Recovery:                             95-97%


CV% intra batch:                   4.2%


CV% inter batch:                   4.5%